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Attacking Basics

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Attacking Basics

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:21 pm

First and foremost we are all still learning here but we have plenty of experienced people among us that are willing to help. If you are unsure on how to attack a target ask for help.
When attacking you want to always always always scout before you hit. Preferrably within 1 minute of landing.
The rainbow tactic whis is usually a large bulk of warriors or archers and then 1 of everything is best used on taking out defenses.
When taking out troops if it's a large amount you want to send in the max amount of troops. Generally a bulk of warriors and archers then a few thousand of pike swords and cav.
When trying to take a city the reason why only a small amount of cav is sent in is to drop the loyalty fast.
When involved with a joint attack there is one lead. Listen to the lead. Don't waste valuable time asking questions during the attack. Know what you are supposed to be doing and follow leaders orders, even if you don't. If they tell you to recall recall no questions asked.

As I said before don't be afraid to ask if you have questions.

Camp Time Coordinated Attacks

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