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Post  Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:55 pm

Techs you should learn and what they do for you.
First techs you should learn while in BP are resource techs its essential to build resources up while you can and are not going to be plundered. Later be sure NOT to horde resources this invites attack.
Second you should learn the combat techs military science, military tradition,iron working, archery (a must have) and medecine. These are essential for good troops and succes in combat. Archery should be at lvl3 while still in BP to enable you to make AT's and lvl6 asap to make Balli for farmiing NPC's.
Third informatics this should be at least lvl6 to get any decent info and it muct be about 1lvl above what you are scouting to get any report at all.
Fourth the need for speed this is important for effective support of each other in so compass and horse riding with a high lvl stable and relief station should come soon after other essential techs.
Five other builds such as construction should sometimes be given priority but generally stick with this list until you are more experienced.

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