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Post  Admin on Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:06 am

Hoarding resources is a bad thing it makes you a target and feeds the enemy. If you need a lot of resources for say walls fine but DO NOT have stockpile resources.
Too many times we give resources to people who dont use them. This is very frustrating.If you are sending resources to someone make sure theny will be online when they get there.f they go offline you should recall. Then resend when they are online
Resources will NOT be sent to those who keep stockpiling and thus feeding the enemy resources received. When resources are sent use them as soon as possible.
If sending to someone under attack send ONLY what is needed.
Read defence against plunder post for tips on how not to lose resources to attackers. I. I dont like farming all day just to give it to the enemy. Plus Hoarding makes you a target.
Also players who are not getting attacked asking for millions in resources. I can understand wanting to build up faster but when people are getting attacked they take priority. If your not under attack and need resources please only ask for what you need . Upgrade your resource fields. You should do all you can to get your own resources up to par. Is not right to ask for resources because you dont want to spend the time to upgrade your fields.
Poor reasons for asking for resiources..
a) just been attacked repeatedly with open gates and need to build back to 100k warriors to defend city

b) lost you ballista/porter doing something...

c)30 barracks sitting empty while you are farming npcs ,

d) BEING ME!!!!!!!

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