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Getting Prepared

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Getting Prepared

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:09 am

Its important that we be prepared for changes that are coming when evony age2 is launched if we are not to fall behind. We may even get an edge on our rivals by being ready for its arrival. So here are somethings you should know that are likely to remain after Beta ends.

New Combat System.

This new system has restrictions we haven't had to deal with before. First you have to declare war, there is an 8hr wait before you can attack and a limited time to battle.
However, there are two ways around this that allow you to attack instnatly.
First if your in an alliance, you can instantly attack ANY alliance member belonging to a hostile alliance. This means none hostiles aka neutrals and none allied players must still be declared on.
Second is to by a stratgem that allows you to war without declaring. With this item you can declare on any one person. Unless they are friendly.

Further this new combat system gives you an option to colonize rather than attack and plunder. This has massive potential that am currently looking into for new diplomatic strategies and far more. It may be useful to have a second account to fully exploit this new addition. Will be updating on this as soon as am more certain of how it works.

Forge and Workshop

If you've torn these down to make way for more barracks you may want to rebuild these and up to a good level. In the new age these will be able to manufacture armour and gear for your heroes that will boost their abilities.

Inn and Feasthall

Upgrading heroes and feast hall should also be considered as a good preperation for launch of evony2. Their importants is far greater than before, you can even gain a bonus from completing a quest that requires you to house 10 heroes.
Importance of capturing heroes is much emphasised in new age. In your Inn you can buy rumours to help you find and capturue special heroes. I believe you can even capture the King!!

Coins and Shopping

Having the ability to buy items will be very important, if not essential in evony2.
New items such as stratgems seem only to be available buy using coins to buy them from shop.
Others such as materials needed to make the new armour and gear for heroes does seem to drop from NPC's.

However, do not groan and give up on evony's free forever claim.
Since they have also introduced new quests that earn coins.
Better yet they have introduces commisions where you can hire yourself out for coin rewards.
Buying coins for others is another new option and its possible before launch they may introduce item exchange of some kind.

Barbarian and NPC's cities

This isn't something we can prepare for really,many on Beta are exploring this area avidly but its an end game tweek.

There is one Unique Barbarian Historic city its flags are orange and yellow its location 0,0.

Barbarian Historic cities these can be found at center of each region, they have blue flags.
By the time of launch am sure there wil be plenty of detailed infomation on these giants.
A few points;they can be captured, you cannot alter names, they have lvl12 farms, can use stratgems and attack,they are largely empty inside but house secret strengths.

Barbarian Historic cities, red flags, these are random and so far i know little about them.

NPC just about same as they have always been.

Merging with Upgrade to Evony2

Now my surmise from positions of these Barbarian Cities is that since a new map will HAVE to be set for these. Merging with new age will be very like merging servers.
For those who don't know what this means, cities will be scattered across states, but for each city you have you will be given an advance teleport to place it where you wish. There will be a period of truce while these adjustments are made but many wil not rejoin their old allainces.Prefering to settle in new areas they find themselves.
Since in new age these central cities will be of such importance I believe this will change alliances greatly. But since only a few will be fully aware of changes, we have a chance to get ahead. If we do find ourselves scattered rather than regroup in a single state we should use our adv tele to take dominant positions near these cities. Especially 0,0 as has been done on Beta. I have coords of all these central cities, so if it stays as it is in Beta when it is launched, we have the info we need to take advantage.

Also i see a chance to combine both old style domination of evony with a new style that should make us virtually unbeatable. Watch this space as there is a lot more to learn yet. A lolt more to exploit and gives us that much needed edge to get ahead of our rivals.

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