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Member Duties and Guidelines.

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Member Duties and Guidelines.

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 06, 2010 11:10 pm

We are an alliance that rely's heavily on cooperation for strength. All members can do certain things and will be expected to know how to do certain things.

1.RECOVERY: You come on line and your city is at 8 loyality, no food, no gold, 18 waves coming in on you and it is about to fall what do you do?
SPEECH TEXT you get it as part of your packages or the wheel or spend 100 game coins to buy one.It instantily returns your loyality to 100 and your grievance to 0. BUYS you time. Next get resources by going to the box on the lower right of your screen and click on get more resources as this situation is the only time that you should go there.( If you don't have coin keep a wharehouse set to 100% food)
You spend 2-4 game coins to buy food. You go to town hall and click on comforting and click on raising population to bring that back up. If you have too dismiss a couple of weaker heros to get gold to postive status. Dismiss troops in training, dismiss wall defenses if any are left and last dismiss some troops to get resources. Now you can use the marketplace to convert those resources to food to avoid refugee status. what about those 18 attacks coming in next 14 minutes?
You know that you will not win this battle so use a regular teleport to go to a new location. Once there farm immmediately if you are able to get new resources. Send a mail to Buck, Christe, or myself letting us Know your new location.If the attack is less and you can stay use chat so that others can send troops and resources to your embassy.see
2. HELPING:You may see a war report or see on chat an attack on a fellow alliance member 200 miles away and think can not help too far. WRONG WRONG WRONG If a member has all resouces taken what they need is gold to have access to the marketplace to avoid lossing thousands of troops due to refugee status. around 5k scouts can send 45K gold over 300 miles in around 12 minutes. Under transport you get your scouts back quickly and may may have saved us from the loss of another member.
Everyone should know C.H.E.W see

3.FARMING: You are very tired at 3AM in the morning and you want to get off one more farming run before maintenance shuts you down in 15 minutes. It really is easy to think you clicked on both balli and transports going to a NPC only to find out you lost 500 transports cause you did not send balli or you double attack same city twice or attack a NPC by mistake and get wiped out. . EASY TO AVOID. Click reports and then click army movements and you can recall if you made a mistake. Saves a lot of frustration on your part building 500 transporters ( 450 after medic) and losing 3 farmimg runs that would have brought you 12 million in resources which is like 12k archers which would have won you a battle that you now loss. Make a list of NPC 6 so when you check you can see if you are hitting the wrong city. Too little sleep and mistakes triple and this will avoid that.
4.INFO: We need certain info from each of you and it MUST be sent when requested.
Example how it needs to look
Troop details send to Jaydoggscovel
WALL Forces will be 100% in114 hrs ( all resources in place) 15k at 3:45 server time 3/05
107K archers 37.5K in training
16K scouts 18K training
6k pike and sword 4k workers
9.8K cav.
200k warriors
5k transporters
3k balli
1083 catapults

Map and city details sent to ASH123
embassy 9 and 8
rally point 10 and 8
most techs 10
beacon tower 10 and 9
relief station 7 LOCATION 746/444 and 788/530

5.CHAIN OF COMMAND:Learn what your officers and presbyter do and approach right one.Obey rules and orders given. If a request is made and you cannot comply let your officers know reason. Answer mail sent to you if reuqeted communcation is vital see

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