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Advanced Valley Capture

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Advanced Valley Capture

Post  Admin on Fri May 07, 2010 11:31 am

  • Capturing high level valleys is key to building and keeping a huge army.

  • Start to capture valleys as soon as you can even when still in BP.

  • Always try to capture as many valleys as your town hall has lvls minus 1 (leave for taking flats)

  • Use archers to capture most valleys DO NOT mix troops when trying to take valleys and DO NOT us balli.

  • Send enough archers to kill footroops DO NOT rainbow or send any foot troops or horsemen

  • Scout NPC valleys to see if they have and refresh page if they have archer and/or cav in them. Scout again till they have not if you have time
  • DO NOT try to take very high level valleys. Capture highest level valley you can manage to win without losses.

  • Try to have 10xLvL10 lakes as this will allow you to maximise your army without going to far into red with food.

  • ALWAYS take back valleys taken from you if you can. If not straight away do it as soon as possible. Get some respect and ppl will stop trying to steal them

Top Tip
Normally taking other players valleys is not recommended as they don't like it, enemies are an exception to this rule as they don't like you anyway. These valleys if undefended can be taken very fast and in numbers with a single scout and hero (or cav if you have no scouts!)
Its even better if you find a inactive player holding valleys as they won't stop you taking them or fight to take them back.

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