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Capturing Cities/Valleys

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Capturing Cities/Valleys

Post  Admin on Fri May 07, 2010 11:59 am


What are valleys? They are anything on evony map that is not a city. This includes flats(only pupose is to build cities) and forests, grassland etc. These can be "farmed" or captured.

Cities are clear on map but what do the flag colours mean? Gold is you. Green they are in your alliance(allies) Blue they are in allied allince(allies) Red they are enemy alliances(enemy) Black they are NPC's (compture controlled) (enemy)
Grey they are Neutral alliances and none allied players(enemy)

First Flat

Capturing your first flat to Build a second city is very easy instructions can be found on requirements if you hover over fort icon on left on evony screen.
Note lvl1 flat is best to take for this a higher lvl flat is of no real advantage with one exception see Dirty Tricks.Do not send required workers to flat(often misread) they stay in your city and auto send when you press build city after capture. Very few troops are needed to capture a flat of this lvl if you have been doin the quests and following guidelines you should have enough.

Capturing Valleys

Valleys always with one exception have troops so always scout first. Exception to this rule is when they are player owned (indicated by Lords Name. Always hover over a valley to see if they are owned or not, you cannot attack valleys owned by any ally(Troops comsume a great deal of food if left on a captured valley. Don't do it,unless you have reason to believe it needs defending from an iminent attack. Troops are not needed in valley to gain bonus ignore idle status if you check TH you will see bonus under Production)To capture just send a large enough force. Note lvl of valley is very important DO NOT waste troops on valleys of a lvl to high for you to defeat. You be able to take a higher lvl valley from a player,but.. be aware of conseuqences of "stealing" valleys from players. This may make them attack to take it back,attack your city,declare war or just mail you with a query or bad attitude (deal with it in your own way)

Capturing Cities

There are two categories of city and they are treated very differently. First is players cities not that hard to capture. Second is NPC@s cities extremely hard to capture not recommended for Beginners.

Player City

To capture a player city you must reduce its loyalty to 0.see Wave attacks on how to do this most effectively.
At loyalty 11 you will cease to lower loyalty but continue to cause grievance, if no comforting is applied this will in a short while auto reduce loyalty down to 0. However, if player is online expect them to comfort, best attacks are made

NPC City

Its is captured in same way as Player city as Above, but troops regenerate rapidly.NPC city resources are replenish each 8 hrs, A barb city will take approx 1 hour to regenerate all to full (10% of the full amount per 6 minute tick). A barb city will also immediately regenerate approx 18% of all lost wall units each time some are destroyed. Example: if you destroyed 1000 towers and hit it again 1 second later 180 towers will be back.See Farming NPC's

Because of this wave attacks must be close together so being close to NPC is required, advanced teleport are often used for this purpose.

For a more detailed guide to troop requirements
Balliastae vs NPC
Catapults vs NPC
Warriors vs NPC

Specific guidelines on how to capture a lvl10 NPC.

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