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Combat Defence tactic Empty Combat Defence tactic

Post  Admin on Sun May 23, 2010 6:51 pm

Players who are very strong can go Turtle that is fully defensive and this is one of best strategies as game is biased in favour of defence. Smaller armies however cannnot afford to do this and must keep moving and box clever.
You are being attacked a lot by one person. Find a soft target in same allaince or ask someone to soften up a target for you and farm it. Every time you are attacked keep your gates closed and send your troops off to farm this target. Why because this does following things: its replaces some of your lost resources, it means that they are taking their own allainces resources, it can cause dissession in alliance as farm will protest.
NB:Its a good tactic to farm while being attacked anyway.
Second tactic see how strong your opponent is with his troops out even with gate open.Can you hurt him or could someone in your alliance take advanatage of this attack to counter attack. If you can counter attack do so its a great way to defend especially if your walls are weak from constant attacks but your aramy is strong. Keep your gate closed and remeber to comfort but send you troops at the enemy.
Even if these options are not available go for payback asap this acts as a deterrent to those who may attack you if they know you will not tolerate being farmed. If you put up with it and simply carry on why should they stop?
Remember often the best defence is offence particularly if you do not have a huge army. Let the big guys wear themselves out in attack, remember game is biased towards defence, but attack targets your own size or smaller constantly. Get a rep for aggression you get left alone a lot more than a passive builder/farmer.

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