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Beginners Guide to troops

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Beginners Guide to troops

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:56 pm

# Workers these are not troops but auxilaries and should not be used for battles. These are for looting and allowing troops to go long distances.About 1k of these is a good start
# Warriors these are your cheapest and most expendable troops "cannon fodder". Try and start with about 6k of these.
# Scouts again these are not troops but auxiliaries and should not be used in normal combat. These should be sent to location before all attacks and if attack is any distance away just before attack hits to make sure enemy has made changes. About 100 of these will do to start but check out (Scout Wars Guide)
# Pikeman not really needed at start these are best used to garrison your city as defensive troops. Very good against attacking Cavalry
# Swordmen again not really needed at start they are best used in defence.They are good against all foot soldiers but expensive to make.
# Archers now we have come to best troops these are your elite, why will be explained later. See Rainbow formation (Super Archers)You want as many of these as you can make at begining about 10k is resonable.
# Cavalry these are fast and you will want these when we start to capture cities. See Waves Formation.Not essential at start but good to have.
# Cataphracts more expensive than cavalry and generally best for defense against cavalry as they are as strong in defence as they are in attack. These are not needed to begin with make them when yo have your base army.
# Transporters these do same job as workers on slower,but they are essential for "farming NPC's" See Guide to Farming NPC's. 1k is a good start and should allow farming of lvl5.
# Ballistas these are your best seige weapon and as essential as archers. 1k is a good start
# Battering rams these are damage absorbers really only used later to help protect Ballistas by drawing fire. Don't need these at start.
# Catapults great to have for defense but you don't really want to make these better to win a mech battalion on wheel, but be cautious when apply a mech battalion they eat a ton of food and will quickly give you problems if you are not prepared.
More detailed guides to troops and use will be posted in other guides.











Battering Ram


Troop building Trick

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Scouts (What you can do with them)

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:59 pm

Scouts are auxilairies so not often used in combat with the exception of "scout bombs". see post
They should ALWAYS be used before an attack to determine strength of foe.
Scouts are sent when attacking a city,also to see if the gate is open or closed. If you send scouts and the gates of a city are open, assuming they have any scouts, their will be scout battle. Win or lose this tells you they have their gate open and if you attack you will face both their wall defences and troops. If gate is closed you need only worry about wall defence, provided they are not online and able to open them as you attack.
Scouts in numbers can also be used to carry resources VERY fast between cities.
Scouts can be used as a good defence against archer attacks combined with cavalry, under certain conditions. You must have at leats 100k scouts and 50k Cavalry and no other troops in between. This defence depends on speed to hit the archers quickly, in theory (haven't tested it myself) this should work even against rainbow archers.

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Archers (Backbone)

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:12 pm

Archers are backbone of your army because of their range. Range is of vital importance in all battles.
When attacking cities archers are the most used troops, because they can remove AT's at a ratio of about 4 archers per Archery Tower. Less valuable troops 'meatshields' are either sent with them such as warriors'cannon fodder' or before them such as 'scout bombs' to take out traps and in case of 'scout bombs' troops (when gates are open)
Archers can be used in 'Rainbow Formation' to create super archers, able to take out cavalry and such which normally have an advantage over archers.
Archers can be sent with ballistas (and catapults) to take out Defensive Trebutchet, when normal archery attacks will not work due to range.
Archers defence.For this reason getting Archery tech levels up is very important and leveling walls as this increases range of archers/ballistas in your city as well as AT's. This is a good defence against archery attacks, if you out range your attacker, you will probably win.

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More about scouts

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:01 am



1)Scouting/Scout Defence
2)Move Fast
3)Usefull to move resources fast
4)Very usefull In combat Since they provide a barricade for enemy units

Pros & Cons
1)Average Cost
3)Good Defence
4)Effective vs mechanical Units
5)usefull vs traps since they never win (which causes combat to last 100 rounds)

1)Die Easily
2)Usefull only in big ammounts
3)they can never win alone a combat

Ratios Vs Each unit

Scouts vs Warrior 140 : 1
Scouts vs Workers 10 : 1
Scouts Vs Scouts 1 : 1
Scouts vs pikemen 230 : 1
Scouts vs Swords 300 : 1
Scouts vs archers 25 : 1
Scouts Vs Cav 7 : 670 : 1
Scouts Vs Phracts 1000 : 1
Scouts vs ramms : 50000 : 1
Scouts vs Balistas/catapults :490/1

usual Scouts waves with their names :
Scouts bomb : 100k Scouts /90k Scouts
Trap Cleaner : 10k workers 40k scouts

Scouts Attack priorities

Top total Damage Group

Counter Scouts waves

Possible Waves

1)Scout bomb


1)Highest Overall Group Damage with swordmen I.E defender has 200k archers 300k Swordmen Scout bomb will land on swordmen and won't really have any effect or Close Gates and let them drop On the ATs
Better 500 ATS dead than 20k archers

2)At least 1 trap As fortification and Highest group attack value has to be warriors Also 1 cav 1 phract is required

Hints on How to scout Effectively
1)Send Scouts on a scout Mission with an Attack hero if defender has more Scouts than you
2)If ur informatics or beacon is too low level and u can't get a full report (full report is Gained when u are available to see the Techs of your enemy)Scout with An high intelligence hero

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More about warriors

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:15 am


1)Clean traps They are slow so they need to move more rounds to reach the target
2)usefull Versus Cavalry
3)Can be used for advanced NPC Farming

Pros & Cons
2)Usefull versus all tier units
3)easy to use
4)good health
5)average attack and defence


Ratios Vs Each unit

Warrior vs Warrior 1 : 1
Warrior vs Workers 1 : 10
Warriors Vs Scouts 10: 3
Warriors vs pikemen 5 : 1
Warriors vs Swords 10 : 1
Warriors vs archers 7 : 1
Warriors Vs Cav 7 : 1
Warriors Vs Phracts 10 : 1
Warriors vs ramms : 5000 : 1
Warriors vs Balistas/catapults : pointless

usually warrior waves with their names :
Warrior bomb : 100k warriors /90 warriors
Pincher Attack 40k warriors 40k archers
Trap Wave : 40k warriors 10k scouts
Anti Cav/Phract wave 30k 10k pike

Warriors Attack priorities
1)First meelee in range
2)When more than one meele units in range Warriors will attack the one with the most Group damage
For instance 10kwarriors vs 100 cav 100 phracts when they are both onj the same range and both hit warriors
warriors will give prioty to phracts because 100 phracts x 250 damage (unit damage for phracts ) Equals 25000 total damage while 100 cav x 100 damage (unit damage again for cav ) Equals to 100000 In case
both Enemy Unit groups have the samehave the same Overall damage then warriors will divide and spread the damage equally on both layers!

Ways to Counter warrior waves
Assuming all techs are level 10 (war Tech) i will provide a counter measure for each Usual wave i Mentioned on former email
1)Warrior bomb
2)Pincher Attack
3)Anti Cav/Phract
in all 3 cases make sure 1 Trap and at least 1 Archer tower is up
in case 1/3 move cav and phracts out of the city
in case 2 they stay

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Re: Beginners Guide to troops

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