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Aiding Alliance Members

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Aiding Alliance Members

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:04 pm

There are several ways in which we can aid each other.
Reinforcing - troops can be sent to an ally to be used in defence they CANNOT be used for anything else. To receive reinforcements you must tick box in embassy you can be reinforced by one lot per level. To use them your gate must be opened. Best troops to send are archers, pike, swordsmen and cataphracts, ballistas and catapults are good too but generally you need to be close to send these as they are slow. These troops, however, will eat the food of the one reinforced while they are reinforcing. This can be a useful tactic at times to help a mamber whose is struggling to feed their army.Supplying - resources can be sent to each other when needed this really makes a difference so we encourage members to do this freely.However read this guide on aiding alliance members under attack i suggest you bookmark it too.

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