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Training hero's

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Training hero's

Post  Admin on Thu Jun 24, 2010 3:24 am

The second most important thing in evony is the training of your hero's. A higher political hero means quicker build times, more resources. A stronger attack hero means quicker production of troops and better attacks. A high intelligence hero, most important as you grow, means faster researching. There's several ways to train them all, no matter what level the are.

Method 1:
Farming NPC5's with that hero. Every time you farm a NPC5, thats 95,000 to 117,000 (if you send warriors!) experience for your hero towards his level. This is how the majority of your hero's will be trained for the majority of the game. Effective, but can be slow once your hero gets to about level 70.

Method 2:
Ensure that whatever hero you want to gain experience, is mayor when troops or buildings are completed. I havent been able to quantify how much experience your hero would gain, but it can be significant.

Method 3:
Battle! Probably the most fun way is taking on other players, either on offense or defense. Ive seen players gain over 8million experience for their hero taking on a 100,000 cataphracts and winning.

Method 4:
Progressive NPC Farming. As your armies grow, the food factor is really going to kick in. As I talked about in the NPC farming guide, you need to learn to rely on NPC farming to feed your armies. But, there will come a time when thats not enough. Enter NPC8 Farming and NPC10 Farming.
NPC8 Farming Runs look like this:
98500 Warriors
10 each Pike, Scout Sword, Cavalry, Archer
Remaining are transporters.

Use that same idea to train your Attack hero's to either 180attack (then apply a war/ivory horn) to farm NPC10s such as this and farm the 10's, or train your hero using NPC8's to 220attack or greater if you have no war/ivory horns.
Please note, with NPC10's you can NOT farm them with all warriors. Find out what works for you, and go from there

I understand too that people do not like to lose troops, at any level. But, to truly gain a lot of experience for your hero's, losing troops is the best way to get them trained. Eventually, your production will catch up to your losses, and you'll do nothing but gain, especially as you train your political hero's to gain more resources

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